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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
You said: "So Gotham City is like any real world city, huh?" and I responded.

Once again, I don't buy the fact that the Dent Act made Gotham virtually crime free.
And you responded in bringing up New York City which will always have crime, I get that, BUT...I never said Gotham had no crime, only small crimes.

Once again, what did Blake say? They(Gordon, the Dent Act, et cetera) cleaned the streets THAT WELL.

You are using a movie's flaw to justify another one.
I'm really not. I am stating that Nolan has very simple views with actual laws so if the Dent Act is this unreal, overachieving piece of work, then there's nothing to really nitpick about when we see how Nolan handles situations that can be viewed as political.

"Good Lord."

He could have still lived his life, instead of becoming:

Of course they come up with an easy plot device to fix his leg before he becomes Batman again. What does ignoring his company and letting it go down the drain have to do with waiting for Batman to be needed again?

Aside from fighting criminals as Batman, he was also being charitable as Bruce Wayne. That orphanage that Blake came from suffered a lot as a result.
He could, but then that would seem odd. He lost the only woman he thought he had a future left so his life was about Wayne Enterprises and only that and look what happened to the company after the failed clean energy project. Bruce had no life once that became a failure and ruined Bruce's company.

And then once again you talk about Bruce sticking around only as Batman and again...there was nothing for Batman to do. Please understand that before you ask again why Batman didn't stick around, lol.

You don't why? What does that even mean? Don't call me dense for asking THAT.
I don't know why*

I don't see Two-Face being a villain and that's why he was perfectly used in TDK as only this guy with one focus to exact revenge against Rachel's death and that's it.

BTW, I clearly asked why does he have to be a full-blown criminal to be a villain?
Because from Ra's al Ghul, to Scarecrow, to Joker, to Bane, to Talia al Ghul...we have only seen full-blown criminals and Two-Face could not keep his shtick from TDK with a focus of getting revenge for Rachel's death. That's why his arc best fits with one film that he wasn't a "real" villain to begin with. Let alone, The Dark Knight's title itself even fits Dent to a T.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Two Face would actually be the perfect villain to hold a mock court. He's done it at least twice in the comics. He put both Batman and Gordon on trial.

I'd love to have seen something like that in TDKR.
Agreed, Two-Face could have been great for the mock court scene as well, but again, what Nolan did with Dent was perfect enough, imo.

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Sort of both . People say specifically Nolan's version is good because it has an ending, unlike comics which "go on forever". Because, the films go on forever too, if you ignore the fact there are different iterations like people do with the comic universes.

So it just annoys me, mainly because it's a criticism out of ignorance (like Robin is "gay"), Batman retiring, dying or having a definitive end is not a new thing to be explored.
I never said Nolan's version is good because it has en ending though. I do love the ending and that Wayne received an ending to his storyline, but that doesn't make it any superior to any version.

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
I always liked seeing Bruce Wayne as Batman until he was much older, and retiring later on. And THEN handing over the baton to the next Batman. *Batman Beyond*
If we had this long series of Batman films that chronicles Bruce's life until he was very old, then I would agree with you, but we do at least see Bruce's life in ten years and with having retired for eight years, Bruce was never going to get back in his prime having done nothing in so many years as well.

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