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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

@Lorus - right on. team dynamics is really easily conveyed with a tight script. comic book movies need not, and i believe, should not be hard to pull off on this level. actually, for any kind of movie, focusing on building a character from cheap, contrived motivations, is going to make for a worse movie.
explaining and justifying things doesn't make the audience relate to them more. it's better to have a full formed Wolverine appear with no explanation that truly acts like the character than to have a fake ass performance of who Wolverine is but have a novel's worth of cheap boring exposition that keeps telling us why he is what we is. and a lot of the actual source comics make that same mistake.
and, responding to way earlier posts in this thread, i think that a comic book movie is one that is based on a comic book. doesn't matter if u like the movie or the source material or not, but it seems weird to have to argue about what a term like 'comic book movie' actually is. something does not only become a true 'comic book movie' if it's well done. there can be bad 'comic book movies' and also there can be good ones. but to demand that something has to be true to the source material is infinitely subjective and is not gonna hold any substance when used as a broad criteria

if a movie sucks, why can't we just talk about why we think it does suck instead of using totally imaginary rulers for how good it is? like saying that it got a certain box office or that it was more true to the source material than some other version of it?

cuz that's never gonna be the real reason that a movie sucks or is good or whatever. you're going to be able to make a great Spider-Man movie using either organic web shooters or wrist web shooting devices, just like you'll be able to make a lousy one with either option. that's really not what a movie is about.

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