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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Well I loved how Heath told conflicting tales that always revolved around his scars.

But it would be cool to see him talking about his feelings about himself and how he views the world, and why he does what he does.

I would like it the way it was in Arkham Asylum, to turn Harley insane when they had their sessions together.

Heath's Joker was basically relaying to several characters, in a subtle way, the jist of what the Joker stands for in the 70 years worth of stories.

How he is an agent of chaos...Joker wants to upset the established order of society. Society is made up of law and order, rules we have to follow to keep us on the straight and narrow. With no rules of law and order, there would be no control...without control, chaos would ensue. Within chaos lies madness...'Madness on sane society' is the Joker's goal, with the weapon of chaos. If he influence us do evil things, then that itself is upsetting the established order of a decent society...we are breaking the rules laid out to us by the forces of good, which lies with law and order. This will cause the concepts of good and sanity to crumble, until we see the world as he does, or at least a fraction of it...

Chaos is a disorder of anything within an established order. Joker believes the world to be mad, random and pointless. Chaos in mathematics and sciences is connected with randomness.
"Having no definite aim or purpose; not sent or guided in a particular direction; made, done, occurring, etc., without method or conscious choice; haphazard."
Chaos is his weapon to cause madness, but it's also part of his philosophy.

As I said, Joker see's the world as a comedy stage, an absurd joke, and we are the Joker's ourselves, like him. Only we don't realize it, as we don't see exsistence as a cruel and pointless joke as he does. Someone who is sane, is insane to the Joker...We identify ourselves as human being's...Joker identifies us as nothing more than blindfolded clowns on the stage...and he wants madness to remove the blindfolds from us, let it consume us, so we can then finally see ourselves for what really are and laugh about it until we die...and that way, the cruelest joke of all can no longer be played on us, but played on life itself.

So what is Joker's problem? Could it be life itself for playing cruel jokes on us all? Life for creating us as nothing more than it's clowns for cruel entertainment? And only in madness, can we see ourselves as the joker's, and that way, life can no longer play its jokes on us to hurt us for it's own amusement? Or is it simply because there is no point in anything and we're all jokes for thinking there is?

If that doesn't drive a young intern insane, I don't know what will!

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