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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

On the topic of Spider-Man being in future Avengers movies, I recently gave it a deeper thought and I'm afraid Spider-Man may just not work due to being too big of a character for Avengers. Usually in a superhero team, the most popular members are the ones that end up throwing the final blow and saving the day. Case and point: in the first Avengers movie, Iron Man is the one who saves the day and because he is the most popular. Same thing will apply to the Justice League movie. It's pretty obvious that Batman and Superman will be the JL members that will throw the final blow and save the day in the end because they're DC's most popular characters. Spider-Man is Marvel's most popular character so he may be the one throwing the final hit at the end. That's where the problem lies.

In the DC universe, Batman and Superman are "The Main Men" and seen as the top superheroes by almost everyone. Superman is the guy that everyone aspires to be like and Batman is the guy everyone knows they shouldn't mess with. So when DC has Batman and/or Superman be the guys throwing the final hit in the end, it isn't just because they're the top selling characters and want to please the fans but it also makes sense within the context of the DC universe because their popularity in real life is equal to the weight they carry with them in the DC universe. Same thing can be said about Iron Man throwing the final blow in The Avengers - he isn't just the most popular member to the viewers but he is also the team leader (at least in most versions) so it usually makes sense.

The same thing can't be said about Spider-Man. Although he is equal with Batman and Superman in popularity and iconic image, his popularity and iconic status in real life doesn't reflect his popularity and iconic status in the Marvel universe. In the Marvel universe, Spider-Man is more of an outsider that does his own thing and has trouble fitting into the superhero community (even though he has been in the Avengers for a few years now). He's not really a big shot in the Marvel universe so having him be the one throwing the final throw and having all his attention focused on him during that moment as opposed to Iron Man or Cap would be really weird and wouldn't exactly fit his character. At the same time, Spider-Man is Marvel's most popular character so you can't exactly have him sitting next to guys like Ant-Man and Hawkeye while Iron Man and Cap are giving order to all the members on the team looking all cool and heroic to the viewer. People will say that Spider-Man should've had more time to shine, both comic book fans and the GA. Thus Spider-Man may be too big of a character for Avengers. This is a problem that the comics have too. Notice how usually whenever there is a big Avengers or big superhero event where Spider-Man participates in along with multiple superheroes, he is usually written as the comic relief (something I dislike) as opposed to more serious and with a good amount of character development (like he is written in his own comics). I'm not saying that it can't be done but it will definitely be a bit difficult fitting in a character like him into the Avengers. But if Marvel does want him on the team, they probably have a plan for him by now.

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