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Thumbs up Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I really wanted the motivation to be something more along the lines of Gotham's peace being built on a lie and therefore flimsy and a fake peace, like Batman was to be punished for becoming corrupt to stop corruption. Sounds like League/Bane style 'justice' philosophy to me.

But if I recall right, the only mention of the lie or Harvey Dent at all by Bane is just to manipulate the people of Gotham to senselessly riot. Seemed more like a useful tool he stumbled upon later rather than a motivation. It was very sarcastically read too, the note, not sincere. That was the only moment I took issue with Bane's portrayal (which isn't Hardy's fault so much as the writing). Seems contrary to what one would expect of someone of his and the League's professed convictions.

This is what made me feel as though Bane didn't have a -point- to make like Ra's and the Joker did, and as much as I adore Hardy's performance and the design of the character and how they brought that presence to life, he ends up being the weakest major villain of the trilogy when it boils down to that. I WANT to call him the best, I was totally prepared to do so going in to the theater...

They had a MASSIVE opportunity to have a chilling, compelling plot based on elements of the last two movies such as this, but they just... avoided it. Cannot fathom why. I feel a little left out to dry or something.
Well said. Couldn't agree more.

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