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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Batman Begins:

- Introduce a younger (to the point that we might buy that Bruce doesn't recognize her in TDKR) Talia to some degree in Begins during Bruce's training, they could have a brief glimpse at romance, but it falls apart when Bruce rebels against the League, her fate left a mystery.

- Have Bruce also learning other skills, such as escape artistry, during his travels.

- Cut out the 'I'm Batman.' line.

The Dark Knight:

- Keep Katie Holmes on for tone and consistency's sake.

- Keep Rachel's character warm and sad, not cold and arrogant. I know people who were -glad- when she died because she annoyed them so much in TDK and they couldn't understand what Bruce saw in her.

- Flesh out Rachel's personal relationship with Harvey instead of making them seem so distant and like they can't ever stop playing lawyer around each other. I didn't buy that they were in love. It was very scarce. This would add gravity to her death, and to Harvey going insane.

- Keep the neck of the cowl bulky, but still segmented for turning, so it doesn't look as bobbleheady and the 'Batman silhouette' is preserved and still intimidating.

(This might also help Bale breathe better so he can pull off the same quality of Bat-voice that he did in Begins, but hasn't since the suit changed. It would also keep him from making that gaspy "D:" face he seems to do ever since too.)

- Make the bat emblem on the chest more prominent, as it was in Begins.

- Make Batman more mysterious. More iconic shots, cape flowing. Phantom of the Opera.

- Darken the interrogation room to resemble the scene in The Killing Joke. Edgy bright light is there, but only in the center, so we have a lot more focus, atmosphere, and uneasiness, makes it more terrifying when Batman suddenly grabs the Joker up, or when Joker grins or laughs.

- Develop Bruce's relationship with Harvey a touch more, so that they're at least personal friends instead of just Bruce donating to him.

- More use of smoke bombs and the like.

- Why didn't he cut the lights at the party scene when Joker has Rachel? Would have been way cooler.

- Improve the fight scenes. The vs. Ra's and vs. Bane scenes in the other movies were intense, bring it up to that quality.

Or hell, when there are multiple thugs, mirror the intense camerawork and ferocity of the first fight in Begins where Bruce is fighting the criminals in the mud when he's in prison. More stuff like the docks fight would've been fine too.

- More stealth, less waltzing straight into wide open, fully lit places.

The Dark Knight Rises:

- More Crane, let Scarecrow really go nuts like he deserves to.

- Pull from Knightfall a bit more to have Bane figuring out who Batman is through his own ingenuity, and then breaking him when he's worn down by Bane's trials. More Scarecrow is the ticket to that.

- More Gordon. One of the valves of the heart of BB and TDK was the strong camaraderie between Gordon and Batman. Ball fumbled here.

- Revise the identity reveal to Gordon to more mirror the scene in No Man's Land. Keep them alone. It was just a better moment.

- Flesh Bane out. Also, give him a philosophical point to make.

- Base Bane's motivation and plan more on the League of Shadows' point of view and Bane's personal sense of justice. Use the truth about Harvey's death to give this a foundation instead of it just being discovered happenstance later on.

- Put a pure chill in Bruce's eyes (he was stunningly smug and unfazed) when he discovers (preferably through Bane telling him and not Alfred telling him) Bane is carrying the torch of the League, and knows what he's done.

- Have him scold Bruce about how Ra's ended up being right in that Batman had to become corrupt to put a band-aid on corruption, how it was all a flimsy lie.

This will really make Bruce feel like a miserable failure while he receives the physical beatdown - which would also add to the believability of Batman approaching him for a one-on-one fist fight in the first place, he would be upset about that, guard down.

Instead, what we got was an arrogant guy who wants to beat up another arrogant guy on his turf. That's an immature kind of Batman. It's been done before (TDK Returns), but it feels very off for the character.

- So make Batman less arrogant and reckless, more controlled and intelligent. There's really no excuse for how he behaved when he found out about Bane, or in the fight against him.

Could use more dialogue like the scene where he gives Harvey an intellectual smackdown after catching his coin in TDK.

- Come up with something more intense and original than 'Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!' for Batman's fake death.

- Batman barely did anything in his career. At least have mention of him doing SOMETHING in the 8 years after TDK so he actually -has- a somewhat substantial career as Batman before he abruptly quits. He can get depressed gradually instead of instantly.

- Flashback (if 8 years REALLY have to pass) of Gordon having to establish an anti-Batman pursuit team and meeting very secretly with Batman. Could make for some brilliant, iconic bonding moments between them. Many scenes in The Animated Series can be used as reference for this (the one I'm thinking of is on a bridge at night). Bullock and Montoya (or their TDK 'counterparts') could be briefly shown during this.

- Speaking of which, would have loved a flashback to what happens immediately after TDK ends, maybe an on-foot chase/battle with the police somewhere like the Narrows, maybe they manage to corner him or something so he can't just use the Batpod. Maybe a construction site for variety. Maybe he gets shot in the leg to reference Year One. Heavy fog and atmosphere. Have Batman snatching them out of the dark, have him pouncing from above. Can we have smoke bombs yet?

- Get rid of Foley and his car chase scene in favor of the above.

- Have Bruce give a damn about his parents, visit their graves, leave roses. Moment of reflection to rekindle the fire in him. Should have been obvious. Would have made the movie far more potent.

- Make the snowy theme FAR more noticeable, frame the emotion of scenes around it. Above scene suggested, Catwoman rooftop scene wouldn't hurt either.

- 'Catch me if you can' with Catwoman was completely skipped. Don't do that.

- Stop making Batman say stupidly obvious and sometimes even corny things. Cut the 'So that's what that feels like' line completely and have Batman turn around, see Selina gone, and take a moment to show him looking off the rooftop alone in silent acknowledgement, the night air teasing his cape around him. You could even make him smirk, if you REALLY have to explain his reaction. That's far more appropriate for the character.

- Batman lives up to the promise of the promotional material and literally leads an army of recruits against Bane's army of recruits, instead of just showing up in the middle of a brawl.

- Bane doesn't attempt to kill Batman with a shotgun. :|

- Catwoman doesn't blow Bane up. :|

- Have Batman use a better initial 'theatricality and deception' against Bane than throwing a few crackle pellets at him as if they were supposed to DO ANYTHING. Embarrassing. This is Batman AT THE EDGE OF RETIREMENT. He knows better.

- More intelligent and detective moments instead of less.

- Bring all fight scenes not against Bane up to the quality of the ones that are against Bane. Seriously.

That's all for now, may think of some more later.

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