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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?

Beyond, I much prefer that as the future of Batman

Originally Posted by Visceral View Post
I loved Batman Beyond and its stylistic approach to the mythos is wonderful. But nothing and I mean nothing beats the Dark Knight Returns and its multilayered story telling. I honestly think that watchmen has nothing on it.

It took me a while to realize this, Year one I instantly realized was a classic. however DKR was bitter at first, but on the second or third reading I realized its greatness. It keeps on rewarding repeat viewings.
Each to their own but I think Year One is by far the better book. I think the first half of Dark Knight Returns is brilliant but the second half is a strange mix. It worked better in the animation than the book IMO. The best future story ever in my opinion is Kingdom Come but that's because I'm more a Superman.

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