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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I've just gone back and read through the thread. While I appreciate both perspectives in the major argument and found it thought-provoking, ultimately the conclusions you guys are drawing are just fan fiction based on very little information. You're filling in Nolan's blanks.

But don't get me wrong, it's fan fiction of a caliber and care that, frankly, I wish they would have bothered with in the film. There just wasn't enough meat on Bane's bones... it's that simple. We can only guess and try to satisfy ourselves that way.
fan-fiction ? I completely disagree.

To me , Rises is incredibly rich on subtext. Stories exist beyond their surface. That's its greatest achievement , and why its completely unparalleled in the genre.

For this particular topic , the decadence of Gotham is shown through different ways by the director. It cant be fan-fiction if its right there.

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I'll watch it again, but my memory tempts me to say this is an exaggeration of the material the film actually provides.

If you can cite me the exact moments these things are explained, I'll be able to watch for them when I pop the Blu-ray in soon.
It wasn't me who wrote that , but i can easily answer. You didn't see the director alluding the younger generations migrating to the sewers to have a job and fight unemployment ? Cause the kid spills that. The core that its still rotten ? It's such a vivid and implicit idea the movie translates over and over (so much that it bursts from within),

You didn't see Dagget , a major player in the movie , that had gone through years to put the whole city in jeopardy , building state infrastructures and filling them with whatever a group of terrorists wanted ? This is beyond white collar corruption

You didn't see cops talking about a war hero that its about to step down ? The same cops who prefer to chase the vigilante instead of the group of criminals who just had assaulted the stock exchange ?

You didn't see the apathy of the city reacting to the events ? The wealthy being thrown from their houses ?

The movie is filled with this sort of stuff.

TDKR has such a rich social-context (that Bane uses to his advantage) . Nolan over the movie show us how decadent Gotham still is.

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