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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I have the same issue. Is that selfish of us? heh. I don't think so, it is a little lame to see Batman retire after 3 films/2-3 years of crime fighting/6-7 villains. I wish Nolan was interested in doing more than just a trilogy. :/ I guess I can't blame him for having a life.
I don't think it is, the formula was there for this series to be like Bond, you can always change styles after a few films cause as we know Bond has done this several times,

Well no it was his decision but I don't think he wanted to do the 3rd in all honesty, I think he did it to return the favour to WBs for letting him make Inception.

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