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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by TheGuy View Post
That's not the point. lol. B89 followed Batman's first months in crime fighting and ended with him being recognized by the city, just like in BB. So in some ways it's an origin, with the training skipped.
No it's not, not if the term is to mean anything. When they show the murder of his parents, well, that could have come out of any old 'man becomes a cop/vigilante' movie, what needs to be shown in a *Batman* movie, is how exactly he came to choose that manner of crimefighting.
Showing the hero's origin has always generally meant how he got to that highly unusual point of gaining superpowers and coming to terms with them/deciding to become a vigilante/sh, or training and taking up a motif in Batman's case.
What you are talking about is showing his first adventures.

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