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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by TheGuy View Post
That's not the point. lol. B89 followed Batman's first months in crime fighting and ended with him being recognized by the city, just like in BB. So in some ways it's an origin, with the training skipped.
That is the point. Just because it's set in Batman's early days doesn't make it an origin story. An origin story documents how the hero in question came to be a hero. In Batman's case the training, the choosing the image of a bat etc is all part and parcel of that.

When Batman 1989 starts, Batman's been in Gotham for around a month or so already according to Knox. Burton completely skipped over the origin. The only reason they even flash backed to his parents being killed is because it was connected to the Joker. That was a last minute addition Burton put in during the writers strike.

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