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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Hmm! I didn't realize there was a Fate character separate from the Norn sisters. But I don't have access to #375-382 at the moment.

I don't really know who she will be at this point, either. But it's kind of fun to think of all the roles she *could* be!
gah crap I didn't read your entire post to where you said "norn sisters" -_- I didn't know that the fates had names lol

the norn sisters ARE the three fates. I was thinking instead of 3, maybe there could be just one fate. how thor goes to them, and he learns the cycle of ragnarok in volume 2 (not the simonson run)

but yeah, I just said the same thing you did, whoops lol shoulda read your entire post

But it is a good idea, instead of the 3 fates, there could just be one.

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