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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
fan-fiction ? I completely disagree.

To me , Rises is incredibly rich on subtext. Stories exist beyond their surface. That's its greatest achievement , and why its completely unparalleled in the genre.
But you still have to fill in Nolan's blanks to gather those stories beyond the surface, you're interpreting these stories with your imagination.

Which is fine, again, but I don't want us pretending that the movie fleshes something out that it doesn't.

For this particular topic , the decadence of Gotham is shown through different ways by the director. It cant be fan-fiction if its right there.
There may be little things here and there that could be interpreted as situational decadence, sure. That doesn't express that Gotham in it's entirety is outright corrupt, though. How on Earth do you gauge the ratio there? Based on a few crumbs? I'm sorry, it's just stretching.

I would have believed this to be the League's view if we were looking at Begins, but not Rises.

You didn't see the director alluding the younger generations migrating to the sewers to have a job and fight unemployment ?
So kids having trouble getting a job means a whole city is corrupt to the point that it needs to be obliterated?

Kind of a weak reasoning point, but let's collect it with your other suggestions.

Cause the kid spills that. The core that its still rotten ? It's such a vivid and implicit idea the movie translates over and over (so much that it bursts from within),
Request elaboration here. To be fair, I don't really remember any of the kid's lines other than 'Is he coming back?' - assuming we're talking about the same kid.

You didn't see Dagget , a major player in the movie , that had gone through years to put the whole city in jeopardy , building state infrastructures and filling them with whatever a group of terrorists wanted ? This is beyond white collar corruption
Yeah, it is beyond that. It's the League infiltrating with the employment of a useful idiot. This example of corruption in Gotham IS the League's doing, so shouldn't they logically be committing ritualistic suicide or something?

If we're going after Daggett specifically and ignoring the League's involvement (which wouldn't be honest, but), one greedy, sneaky man does not equal an entirely rotten, corrupt city beyond saving. Again, barely any ground.

You didn't see cops talking about a war hero that its about to step down ?
What does that have to necessarily do with corruption?

The same cops who prefer to chase the vigilante instead of the group of criminals who just had assaulted the stock exchange ?
You're forgetting the context: They believe Batman killed Harvey Dent, their perceived savior. From the eyes of the cops, Batman is a murderous monster who has been at large for years.

And it's just Foley who calls that shot. One single cocky dude doesn't exactly make me assume the entire police force is crooked, just that they have a slight dick who doesn't know the truth about Batman (and why would he?) to take orders from.

Oppositely, we have Blake and Gordon as beacons of good in the police, so if we're going to cherry pick single characters, the good side of the police have the edge over the 'bad' side, if you can really call Foley 'bad'.

You didn't see the apathy of the city reacting to the events ? The wealthy being thrown from their houses ?
Apathy? No. Jealousy sparked by the coercion of Bane? Yes.

Yet another example of the League being responsible for the corruption they claim to be in Gotham to wipe clean.

It was a scam. They created the problem so that they could declare themselves the solution.

And personally, I've come to think that scam was all to provide cover fire for Talia to slip in and get Bruce.

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