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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

I sort of agree that the League created a problem so they could be the solution. But I also don't think it's quite that simple. The way I see it, they sparked a flame that spread. They took the seeds of injustice inherent to Gotham and allowed them grow into something ugly, completely exploiting the city's weaknesses (IE Bane building an underground army with disgruntled Gothamites). It's kind of like The Joker's "all it takes is a little push" philosophy at play. The LOS, are adamant that a city like Gotham is a nest for evil to prosper. That is a constant, dogmatic view, regardless of how good things may seem on the surface. They gave it a little nudge and thrust it into a dystopian class war, where instead of everyone uniting against the tyrant, fear, hatred and apathy took over (the negative aspects of humanity which the Dent coverup only buried, but of course couldn't erase).

So yeah, it was a scam. But I think the League would see it as the natural order of things. They allowed the system to crumble before they would finally cleanse it. And that's the LOS in a nutshell to me. It's harsh and perverse logic. Mankind itself is always the problem and is always culpable. It's like they view themselves (or perhaps Ra's al Ghul) as some kind of deity, above the rest of humanity, whose word is infallible. And it's an Old Testament, smiting kind of God.

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