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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Seems a bit of a leap to say they would have had sex sometime between Superman: The Movie and Superman II when we see a definite answer of when that could have happened in Superman II.

And yes, Lois' memory was wiped out, at least for that moment of knowing who Clark was, but seeing that Jason had some powers and there is only one other person with powers like that, Superman, Lois was a smart girl to put two and two together unless she thought maybe Zod had raped her some time? Lol.
I didnt say they would have sex between Supes 1 and 2, in the continuity I think its easy to assume they had it between Supes 1 and SR, in Supes 1 they never really had a relationship, but one must have developed for her to get so angry with him leaving in between the 2 movies.

Plus, dont you think Lois would be a bit worried that she couldnt remember having sex with Superman, the love of her life? Superman removed her whole memory at the end of Supes 2 of that movies events, so for her to remember having a sexual encounter with him, must mean she had it between S:TM and SR.

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