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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

I agree with all of that, but it's just the full requirements of the League's goal included that Gotham had to reach a point of saturation in how corrupt it was for them to burn it down. For all the League knows, in TDKR, this point was avoided and amended despite Ra's failing.

Since Bane is oblivious to the lie the overall obtained peace was built on until he's already started his phony revolution, seems like they're burning it down just for the sake of Ra's not burning it down, regardless of it's current condition, regardless of harmony. That doesn't jive.

The fact that they're going to blow up all the revolutionaries whether or not they 'took back their city' from... nobody too apparent.. is also highly suggestive of the revolution being a ruse.

In the end, because it was a lie, because the bomb was going to go off no matter what, it was only useful as something to torment Bruce with on the TV, and not useful to the stated purpose of the League.

What I still am trying to understand, and repeat viewings may help me with, is what exactly the rationale is supposed to be that Bane gives the revolutionaries for freeing everyone in Blackgate, as if they were victims and friends of the oppressed.

Wouldn't it fly in the face of everything the Blackgate prisoners did to HURT the people of Gotham prior? Wouldn't the citizens of Gotham find that a -little- weird and counter-productive?

These sorts of logical inconsistencies continue to push me to it being a veil, just like the veil about Bane/Talia's childhood in the prison.

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