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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
Ok, so I just lost everything I typed but the basic gist is that I don't think Nolan wanted to make a movie that was overtly political but a movie that raises some political themes. With Bane and his motives you have the opportunity to take it into a completely different realm. You have a third world terrorist who comes to America and rallies the poor into killing the rich only to be saved by a billionaire in the end. The move raises a lot of issues that I would have liked to see it go into more. This the film in a nutshell and if told a certain way it sends a pretty elitist message.

One of the ideas I had originally when I heard about the class war was that an interesting way to resolve Bruce's story would be for him to unmask himself in front of the rioters sending his dramatic example that the rich weren't all decadent scum bags. It would also redeem him in the eyes of the public as they would know his story the way the audience does and then force him to retire, making him the "hero with a face." It might not work on film and it wasn't the story they wanted to tell. Just a thought. Imagine if Batman were real and imagine he was Charlie Sheen and all those exploit of Sheen's were just a cover for a noble, selfless ninja....
I'm not sure I disagree with this idea...

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