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Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post

Um, Beast has to actually get near Storm to do any damage. Let's play The Four Questions Game, shall we?

1.) How will Beast run and flip around on the ground if Storm coats it with black ice?

2.) Once he's airborne, how will he land a blow against 150 miles/hour gale force winds?

3.) Do we even need to get into the usage of lightning, those terrible rocks that fall from the sky called hail or other related phenomena that kills people every day on accident?

4.) What about the fact that Storm can electrically charge neutron particles in people's blood stream dude, or shut down the electrical waves in their brains? Those little EMPs (electro magnetic pulse) can be nasty little things.

Then again, Beast would have to see her to even begin an attack and we all know Storm can uh...well, manipulate your visibility with that little thing we call fog. LOL

Translation: coming or going Storm would obliterate Beast's furry ass.
1) when did she do that in the movies?

2 & 3) See below

4) when did she do that in the movies?

Beast is no doubt a little out matched.

But basing these fights off their movie feats, I'd feel that Beast can still have the upper hand. In most scenes that I can remember Storm took a few seconds before she was able to manipulate the weather to her advantage. In a few seconds, judging by X3, Beast could grab her while she's floating up and do some ground and pound for the win.

I'm assuming the fights start off similar to the situation outside Jeans house, distance and "attack mode" wise.

Obviously the farther apart they are the more likely Storm will win.

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