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Default Re: Character Battles DOFP

Originally Posted by The_Shadow View Post
1) when did she do that in the movies?

2 & 3) See below

4) when did she do that in the movies?

Beast is no doubt a little out matched.

But basing these fights off their movie feats, I'd feel that Beast can still have the upper hand. In most scenes that I can remember Storm took a few seconds before she was able to manipulate the weather to her advantage. In a few seconds, judging by X3, Beast could grab her while she's floating up and do some ground and pound for the win.

I'm assuming the fights start off similar to the situation outside Jeans house, distance and "attack mode" wise.

Obviously the farther apart they are the more likely Storm will win.
Well, if we're going by movies alone:

Her long range game is still far superior. In X1 Sabertooth was useless against her gale force/storm storm. Obviously, when it came to controlling lightning her skills advanced from each film to the next. In X1, it took her a second to whip it up with Sabertooth in the train station, but as she was conducting the electricity he was also unable to move. By X2, she had the ability to not only target lightning close and far-range (i.e. with Nightcrawler in the church) but also drive planes out of the sky at will. In X3, she could pin Callisto--and that's even with her super-speed.

And movie Beast doesn't move as fast as movie Callisto.

Besides, even movie-Storm seems to be the most durable of the X-Men next to Logan. Her ass took such beating in the films, esp. by Toad in X1 and Callisto in X3. And yet she kept rebounding physically. So even if it came to hand-to-hand combat with Beast Storm wouldn't be a total wimp.

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