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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by L3G3NDK1LLER View Post
I notice a lot of people have problems with no real answer as to how Bruce got back to Gotham after he climbed out of the pit. But I got to thinking, is it really that hard to assume that he did something similar to what he did in begins? I mean he hid on a boat and disappeared for years overseas before training to become Batman. So being as skilled as he is at that point in time, wouldnt getting back to Gotham unnoticed be easy?
The problem with that is that the filmmakers quite clearly set up how impossible it is to get in or out of Gotham. That Bruce managed to find a way into the country, fine, I'll buy that without having to see it. But when you take screentime to set up the difficulty of getting into a place, it feels awful cheap to have your protagonist magically find a way in off screen.

Maybe some will say "Well, he IS Batman".
Fine, but let's not forget that we had an entire movie in this trilogy that was dedicated to showing HOW Batman operated in great detail. TDK, while not as in depth about it, certainly maintained that notion of letting us see how Batman operates. So for TDKR to pull the "well, he IS Batman" card feels both cheap and inconsistent with the other films.


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