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Default Re: The Look of the Turtles

There's one with Raph, but it can't be posted here...

Splinter Taught Them To Be Ninja Teens.
I imagine that's not all he taught them though. Probably all sorts of manners, nihongo and stuff. ...and gambling. My splinter would be inspired by Nezumi Kozou. He'd be a reformed thief and gambler. A bit superstitious, he feels the calamity that has befallen him is the karmic payout for his past life. He sees his instruction of these Teenage Turtles as a means to redeem himself.
My splinter is nearly blind from cataracts.>
Splinter- "I'm the only man to have sinned enough to be reincarnated before his death
You can get the original 19x24cm drawing on Maruman art spiral paper over on my etsy.
These characters were made by Eastman and Laird... **** if I know who owns them now.

The Party Dude!!!
A couple of folks have been drawing Ninja Turtles lately, among my favorites are the ones done by Corey Lewis and Ross Campbell. Now it's my turn.
I'm gonna break convention and lead with Michelangelo. I imagine Mike gained a love for NY party culture, watching parties from beneath the thumping streets downtown. He really likes classic break beats. I can see him literally digging through crates of discarded records for music. Somewhere under the city is one of the biggest record collections.
I'm gonna at least draw all 4 and sell the original drawings on my etsy. This one is on a scrap piece of 11x17 DC Strathmore.

Leonardo Leads
The turtles are all just a bunch of teenagers figuring out who they are and Leonardo has grounded himself in the traditional culture of his adopted father. So while Mike's practicing his uprock, Raph is reading Society Against the State, and Donnie is mastering portable cloaking devices, Leo is practicing his Kintsugi on the more interesting shards of pottery he finds in the bins outside of Pratt's pottery department. As much as he takes it seriously, his obsession over Japanese culture is still an outsider's fantasy and rather ridiculous, even to Splinter.
He's a bit uptight, but no other turtle holds himself more responsible for his brothers than Leo; this is why he takes his training and the discipline of the group so seriously.
Here Leo practices battojutsu with a crummy kodachi he found in a dumpster in Hell's kitchen.
You can get the original 19x24cm drawing on Maruman art spiral paper over on my etsy.
These characters were made by Eastman and Laird… **** if I know who owns them now.

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