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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Just saw this again and figured out why it doesn't sit well for me. I tried to view it as if I've never seen any of the other films.

The story seems to really be about Lois or "Not Superman."

Lois is the one who wrote the article about why the world doesn't need Superman. She seems to have been impacted more by his disappearance than Kal-El was. She resumes smoking, has more subtext in her conversations such as at her home with Richard. Lois has just as much screen time as Kal-el (Clark or Superman). She investigates Luthor. She's the one who says they have to turn back and save him. And finally, she's the one who undergoes a character change. By the movie's end, she's about to write why we need Superman.

Kal-el really doesn't do much other than spy, return to his super activities. He isn't as proactive except for his heroic deeds. the scene where he and Lois finally speak shoudl have been more dramatic. Only Lois should any feelings. Routh was fairly an emotional flatline in this scene. He just accepted Lois feelings and did nothing about it.

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