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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I was talking about 'Batman movie' versus 'crime thriller'. I feel like Begins leaned toward the first a lot and could have used more of the second, while TDK leaned toward the second a lot and could have used more of the first.
Ahh, I see. Did you think TDKR was a Batman movie or something else?

I've seen people say this before, and I guess I didn't pick up on it, so I'm going to ask: How did fear return as a theme in TDKR?
Scarecrow's return cameo really showed how fear was an overlapping factor in the trilogy and moreso in the threequel than the sequel with more time for Crane and his obsession with fear with being at such a high position as a "judge" while he had a high position as a doctor in BB.

Plus, Bane's acknowledgement to Dr. Pavel for being afraid and how that should come later....I think fear played a role, even if minor and not as bright as BB.

Would have loved shaky cam again period, for just one scene. It's an effective statement about Batman's character, and the Bane vs. Batman fights had awesome camera work and choreography, so there's no way it would have hurt.
True. I wouldn't mind if we get shaky cam when Batman took out thugs but not for the major villains who would have less fear in them than the "regular" thugs.

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