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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

I just think the League sees Gotham as something that has already gone rotten. Any attempts to revive it are basically just zombifying it and Febrezing it to mask the stench of its rotten core. That's why they say it must be allowed to die. They're all about natural order, and they believe Gotham's demise is required for the natural order to triumph. It needs to be torn out from the roots. That's why Bruce is such a paramount enemy of the League. It's not just that he betrayed them and killed Ra's, it's also that he is the sole person who stood in the way of what they saw as the natural order. Which is something his father did as well. Bruce definitely threw salt in the wound by doing so with the skills he learned from them though. The League certainly had a few loose ends to tie. I can't accept the notion that they would be able to show mercy and acknowledge that Bruce Wayne was right in the first place about Gotham, and admit their former leader was wrong. That is just way too soft for them. If they believed that declining societies could be permanently reversed from within, how could they ever justify genocide? Why not just wait one more year to see if things get better? It happened in Gotham right? All it takes is one piece of legislation to fix a city right? No way! The League were an already evil organization operating under the pretense of logic. Bruce Wayne forced them into a situation where their logic is less apparent and the evil is much, much more so. But both aspects are always there. In TDKR they enact their vision justice with a side of vengeance. Which brings us right back to the lessons Bruce had to learn in Batman Begins.

It's interesting how Bruce and Talia both try to hold on to their fathers' ideals, but both go in their own, more extreme directions with them.

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