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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by Denish View Post
I'm almost certain that Superman in the movie will have a second suit, a war one, like his father's one..In the japanese article under the picture, there's no mention to Jor-el..and that "superman" it's not related to the movie title, because there's also "Man of steel" there..
The article is just talking about the DC license in general that Hot Toys is doing since they don't know what the figure is either and speculate if it's Superman. Regardless if there's a second suit for Superman I doubt Hot Toys would produce that first over the standard costume.

I find it odd though that they won't show the front of the figure given they've shown off Jor-El's costume to the public which is why a small part of me thinks it could be Zod.

Also that DC Superman statue is the dogs bollocks and I'll be getting me one!

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