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Default Re: Official X-FORCE Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Spiral looks a little too happy on that cover. I wonder how Betsy will react to being on the same team as her given their history. It seems as if they are bound to have an inevitable fight at some point\

Not feeling Storm's hair but digging the costume. Id love it if this became her new default look instead of the Davis design. Ditto on Psylocke, who's been long overdue a new costume. Unlike the last series, I hope this new costume makes its appearance outside of simply this title with the bathing suit being retired, at least for now
Originally Posted by JewishHobbit View Post
Totally agree. As much as my horny 15-year old self loved that look, my matured 31-year old self rolls my eyes at it. I like the idea of her having a suit more like a ninja outfit. It makes more sense and fits her character. This isn't the 90s TnA era anymore.
Originally Posted by javi1024 View Post
I just hope that if this is supposed to be Storm's new look, hair and all, that it's reflected in all the other books. Not that I liked the Astonishing look, but Bianchi was the only one to use her all white, African goddess look that it eventually was forgetten.
Alonso, I think, said back when the mohawk returned that eventually her new look would roll over into all the other books with time.

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