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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by fangz View Post
@Lorus - right on. team dynamics is really easily conveyed with a tight script. comic book movies need not, and i believe, should not be hard to pull off on this level. actually, for any kind of movie, focusing on building a character from cheap, contrived motivations, is going to make for a worse movie.
explaining and justifying things doesn't make the audience relate to them more. it's better to have a full formed Wolverine appear with no explanation that truly acts like the character than to have a fake ass performance of who Wolverine is but have a novel's worth of cheap boring exposition that keeps telling us why he is what we is. and a lot of the actual source comics make that same mistake.
eh, even from the very first X-Men comics, when Dave Cockrum was drawing the books, we got enough hints at Wolverine's past to make him intriguing. The second ever comic I read with him in ther late 70s was the one with Kierrok, when Wolverine talks about all the years of hypnotism and psycho-therapy he went through, and being glad he still had his killer instinct nonetheless to make him more effective against such unbeatable foes. *That* was what made him interesting to me, wondering about what kind of man he used to be.

The story is always enhanced by these background details, maybe you get your kicks in a different way than me when it comes to these characters, but I have always carried their beginnings and personalities with me into their adventures, for me, that enhances the experinece, hell, that is the experience, otherwise I could just watch any bozo with superpowers having a punch up and get my kicks.

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