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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post

"Thanks to the intelligence Logan took from Alcatraz, we have a good idea of what to expect. A weaponized serum that will cancel your mutant powers, soldiers genetically altered to fight on the same level as mutants, and potentially brainwashed mutants. That is just some of the dangers you will face out there. As I said earlier, this will not be easy, but I did not expect it to be. Logan, if you have any last minutes words of advice you want to share, go ahead and do that while I prepare to take control of the Blackbird."

"Professor Xavier"
, Colossus spoke up after Logan's brief words as he moved to an empty seat behind Charles'.
"I wanted say while there is still time...thank you, again, for taking in Illyana and I", Piotr said, his voice's tone failing to hide the worry of the uncertainty of what lay before them.
"If...I do not make it back, promise me that you will see her safe, yes?"

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