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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
To each their own then. The only thing I found embarrassing when it comes to a villain in Nolan's trilogy was Scarecrow being defeated by Katie Holmes helming a taser.
The writers viewed Scarecrow as a goofy lackey. This is also why, although I think Nolan could have absolutely hammered a perfect Riddler interpretation like no one else, I'm a bit relieved they didn't go with Riddler.

It was apparent from an interview with Nolan himself that he didn't grasp the value of Riddler's character, and felt like he was a Joker knock-off. So, Riddler would've likely received an embarrassing goofy lackey treatment too - such as we see in books like The Long Halloween (and we know how much that one inspired the creative team).

The real disappointment was that they had a genius chance to do Scarecrow properly through their idea to keep bringing him back in each film, especially if they used Knightfall as more of an influence on Rises. Crane being the sole available Arkham inmate that we'd call a 'super villain' to wear Batman out like Bane staged in the comics would give the writers room to seriously tap his potential and give us some cool Scarecrow moments, more punch to the surprise of him returning again, and a worthy demise for a change.

Alas... we are left with a cameo. Still enjoyable, but not what it could have been.

I actually had my fingers crossed pretty hard for that one.

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