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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

So if we can reach an agreement that the League did have a motivation, what it really boils down to is 'was that motivation as compelling to you?'

I have trouble answering yes to that, because it seems less relevant and thus less potent in Rises' Gotham than it did in Begins' Gotham, and because it's frankly recycled. Bane effectively lacked his own boots and instead stood in those of Ra's.

Maybe more stewing time will allow me to view that as a charming thing rather than an underwhelming thing. I guess I was expecting a bit more in the way of new, powerful philosophical challenge, and in terms of Bane being original.

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
I think a lot of people are underplaying the significance of Selina's criminal background as something she saw as a necessity. Her resentment toward the rich and her initial sympathies toward Bane's cause is another indication that all's not right in Gotham.
Nice, that's the best example yet. Can't argue it.

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