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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

I agree that the MoS films should have a consistent look and feel, but no one can say where the trilogy if it even gets planned and made can and will go.

Batman Begins looked different than TDK/TDKR with is warm tones/coloring throughout the film. Not sure if they wanted to tell a trilogy or if it was ever brought up before BB. However, the films still flowed IMO.

I also agree that the last Die Hard looked and felt so different that it could be seen as a standalone film separate from the franchise. But I also think that the new look symbolized the changing times Bruce's character had to deal with.

On a side note I may be the only person that enjoyed and like IM2. Yeah the film seemed to slightly dismiss some of the elements that had made the first IM great because it was setting up the Avengers storyline more, but I felt the film captured a lot of what made the first movie so great. IMO people had way higher expectations the second time out, which was reasonable. I agree IM2 could have went darker and deeper with about 15-20mins more of Tony's illness and substance abuse, but overall the film was good.

I don't mind if MoS goes really deep or not. I think the film will be good regardless. The only problem I see occurring is that because so many people have their own idea of what makes Superman and how he should be portrayed that some fans will be let down or look at MoS as not being Superman the way some fans look at Nolan's Batman as not Batman.

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