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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
That aspect of Selina is the most compelling to me and the thing I was really excited to see Nolan explore and "get right" like I think he did with other comic characters in the series. Selina's initial conversation with Bruce at the gala is so intriguing and from my POV, I can really get behind what she is saying. This paired with Bruce's wealth makes for ripe ground for exploration. I'm not sure they really mined all that for what it's worth in the film but I am happy with the idea of penniless Bruce living his life with Selina in the end.

Bruce's money and the social responsibility it brings is something Nolan is interested in since BB but going against the importance of the Wayne legacy, in TDKR, he turns his back on all of that in favor poor Wayne whose legacy is not all that important. It's Batman's legacy that matters in the end. I really was expecting Bruce to be revealed as Batman.

Something I don't see brought up much on here is why do you think Bane didn't reveal Batman's identity and the fact that he broke and imprisoned him to the public? I'm not really sure why this didn't happen and I think it would have made his return even more epic in the eyes of the public, making him supernatural to their eyes and more than just a man and truly everlasting which might make Blake taking up the mantel even more appropriate.
You make some very good points.

I think that Bane felt that if people knew Bruce was Batman it would empower the people and effectively end the class war, hindering his plans for Gotham. I dont know if it would play out this way if he revealed Bruce as Batman, but its likely Bane thought that it would and it makes sense.

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