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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by Johnny Blaze View Post

"Professor Xavier"
, Colossus spoke up after Logan's brief words as he moved to an empty seat behind Charles'.
"I wanted say while there is still time...thank you, again, for taking in Illyana and I", Piotr said, his voice's tone failing to hide the worry of the uncertainty of what lay before them.
"If...I do not make it back, promise me that you will see her safe, yes?"
"Piotr," Charles said with a slow nod. He wanted to tell the young man that it would okay, that he wouldn't need to worry about his sister's safety. That's what he wanted to say, but he could tell Piotr had his mind made up. He didn't need someone telling him it was going to be okay, because he knew what might happen.

"It would be my honor to watch after her," Charles finally said. "Now, strap in, we're about to feel some turbulence. That goes for all of you," he said with a look back behind him. He sent a psychic message to Storm. In response, her eyes glazed over to a white film.

On cue, a cold front blew across the island of Krakoa. A low fog rolled in from miles out and blanketed half the island in the mist. With cover, Charles pulled down the jet's yoke and the Blackbird descended into the cloud cover towards the island.


Scott heard the footsteps coming before the rest. Two pairs of heavy boots by the sound of it. He climbed off of his cot and stood against the far wall of his cell. The first cell door swung open as the two soldiers gave Rex his shot. Whatever the shot was doing to Rex, he didn't put up a fight as they injected him. The same thing happened a minute later when they moved on to shoot up Hank.

"Alright, kid," a voice said outside the cell next to Scott's. "You know the drill."

Jefferson mumbled to himself as the men did their job. They walked out the cell and closed the door. That was when they came into Scott's view. Two men dressed in Naval fatigues. One of them carried a tray with hypodermic needles and a vial of the stuff they were shooting into the young mutants. The other soldier had a pistol in his hands that he held down around his waist. The armed soldier unlocked the door and walked in behind his counterpart.

"You heard us before," the solder carrying the formula said. He placed the tray on Scott's cot and began filling a syringe with the solution. "Just like before. Roll up your sleeve, and we'll get this in you."

The armed guard kept his eyes on Scott, but the gun was still down. Scott saw all of this from the corner of his eye as he stepped forward. The soldier administering the drug had his back to Scott as he filled up the syringe. He began to turn to face Scott, and that was when Scott made his move.

Growling under his breath, he jutted his knee out and struck the guard in the ribs. The unexpected blow sent him back. The guard knocked backwards into his colleague. The soldier's loose grip on the gun slipped and it went clattering to the floor. As they both tried to stop their stumble backwards, Scott charged. He punched the formerly armed guard in the face with a solid crack. The two men tripped over each other and fell to the floor while Scott grabbed the gun from the floor.

"Don't move," he said, his gun trained on the two entangled men. "You move or you scream, I'll shoot both of you."

They untangled themselves and began to raise their hands in surrender. Holding the gun on them, he positioned them int he back of his cell and knocked them both unconscious with the gun butt. Frisking the soldiers, he came up with a set of keys and another pistol.

Scott stepped out of his cell for the first time in in what may have been weeks. The corridor they were located in was narrow, only a handful of cells. He stepped forward and looked into the cell beside him.

"Scott!" Jeff said, bounding off his cot. "I heard something going on over there. Are you alright?"

"Yeah," he said, unlocking the cell. Jefferson stepped out as Scott handed him the spare gun. "Take it. They shot you up, so it may be awhile before you get your powers back."

Jefferson took the gun, the weapon feeling much heavier than he thought it would. They walked down the corridor to the two other cells.

"Oh, Jesus," Jeff said when they came to Rex's cell. He was on the floor, holding his chest. All around him were flaked off pieces of multi-colored flesh. His chalk white scalp was peeling back, revealing a small stubble of blond hair.

"Whatever it was they were pumping into us, it cancels our our mutations. For you and me, that's nothing. But to Rex and Hank--"

"I know..."

Scott unlocked Rex's cell. While Jeff went to help him up, Scott went towards Hank's cell. With all the screams and shouts he had been hearing, Scott feared for the worse. Hank's cell came into view. The first thing Scott thought of was all the fur. Blue fur was all over the cell, from the floor to the walls. Laying on his coat, his face masked in pain, was Hank. He was nearly hairless, his catlike facial features morphed halfway between normal and a human face.

"Scott," he grunted out, picking himself up off the cot. "L--lovely to have visitors."

"C'mon," Scott said, unlocking the cell. Hank shambled forward and Scott met him halfway. He propped Hank against his body and helped him out into the corridor. Down the hall, Jeff had just gotten Rex on his feet.

"Fearless leader," said Rex in a weak voice. "What it is?"

"We're going to find Jean."

"Leave us,"
said Hank. "We'll only slow you down."

"Pay no attention to the once blue, furry man."

"Rex's right. We're leaving together. All five of us. We'll even find the Professor."

"What makes you so sure he's here?"

"A gut feeling. C'mon, we need to hurry."

With the gun out, Scott helped Hank down the corridor towards wherever it led.


Under the fog cover, Charles let the Blackbird hover just a few feet above the ground before he landed smoothly. The back of the jet opened up and the team came out quickly, six of them disappearing through the mist. At the top of the loading ramp, Charles watched as they fled off into the foggy night.

"Good luck," he said under his breath. "You will need it."

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