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Default Re: 11.3 - Haunted - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
The new issue was pretty good. Nice references to season 6's "Justice" and to some of the meteor freaks from season 1 as well as Season 4's "Run".

I wonder what was the deal with the end?

Aren't they also in the same place where Doomsday is sill residing?
No the place they went to in this episode was only the place that was in the episode "Justice". The place where they buried Doomsday is a completely different place. I like how they referenced all those episodes and was happening with Bart originated from and made the meteor rock effects a myth.

Now I'm wondering when Jay Garrick appears if BQM will reference how Bart stole his ID in "Run" and where Jay Garrick was during Hawkman's funeral as well as Absolute Justice when Icicle jr. And Checkmate was attacking but knowing Bryan he almost definitely will.

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