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Default Mark Millar bashes Amazon and Starbucks but FOX is Okay?

For the last few months Mark Millar has been rambling about encouraging people not to support Amazon or Starbucks due to the company not having to pay taxes in the UK.

He goes on the spout about them being unethical and how the "Evil corporations" bleed money out of the United Kingdom.


Really Mark????

This from the guy who sold out to the company (FOX) who ripped Marvel off during their time of need...? The company who smelled blood in the water and took advantage? Now he want's to talk about ethics????!

Ask mark how a 90/10 box office revenues split between FOX and Marvel equates to "ethical"? No then it's just business as usual right?

(Que turning the blind eye)

Sorry Mark but unlike FOX here, Amazon and Starbucks actually offer quality products I look for. Otherwise Amazon would have to hire you to lie for them any copy what Ebay is doing.

I'm not from the UK but I do have enough sense to know that if they do get smacked with back taxes they'll either go out of business, shut a lot of locations down or raise their prices to compensate.

And since it's clear that Mark doesn't utilize either company (It wouldn't surprise me if he hated coffee) who's going to suffer?

So is this the guy you want marketing FOX/Marvel films.

Please tell me why at this point?

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