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Wink Your favourite TDKR scenes that you watch over and over again...

Hi. I'm a newbie on this forum. I enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises immensely in the theatre and now on blu-ray. I've become a "kid" again so I've joined this forum to discuss with other "kids" about superheros.

One measure of how much I like a film is how many times I see all or parts of the blu rays/DVDs that I own. There are many films I have bought over the years which I saw the film once, and then rarely put the disc in again to watch. However, there are some films which I regularly put the disc in to watch either all or certain parts.......usually, I am particularly fond of certain scenes which have emotional/epic/dramatic moment(s) or sometimes just very decent action scenes which are prolonged.

Ever since getting TDKR blu-ray (broken bat cowl edition), I have been putting in that disc multiple times every weekend to watch several scenes over and over again. Of the 3 Nolan Batman films, TDKR blu-ray is the one I have watched the most, and that's saying a lot because I've only owned it for over a month. I think a part of it is the amazing audio quality of the DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the blu-ray and the clarity and depth of scenes shot in IMAX. Zimmer's immersive and powerful score in certain scenes is addictive for me on my home theatre.

I want to know which scenes from the TDKR you enjoy watching over and over again. Mine are the following:

1) Opening scene with Bane and the plane. Great catch-your-attention visuals, and the pounding bass when Pavel's blood gets tranfused into the dead body is pretty intense, followed by Bane's quote "Now is not the time for fear.....that comes later!" and then pushing the button to release the plane while Bane and Pavel remain suspended (and Pavel screaming like a poor baby).

2) Blake confronting Bruce and telling him about his background and knowing that Bruce was the Batman. Not a particularly long scene, but I think a dramatic moment for me. I love Gordan Levitt's portrayal of the Blake character and his speech to Bruce in that scene was very good. Although Bruce didn't say much, you can tell from Bale's face that he was connecting with Blake's speech. It was after this conversation that Bruce decided to get "out" into the world again, requesting to see Fox and Gordan in person.

3) The 2 scenes where Alfred tells Bruce that it may not be a good idea to become the Batman again (in the Bat cave, and later in Wayne manor just before they part ways). Both are dramatic moments for me. Both Caine and Bale performed beautifully.

4) The return of the Batman on the bat pod during the chase scene after Bane's hit on the stock market and up until the Bat makes its first appearance in front of the police. What can I say? It was a great extended action scene for me to see Batman back.....and in style. Again, Zimmer's accompanying score was just awesome, and I just can't get enough of it.

5) The subway scene where Selina and Batman meet for the first time and then ending with Bane breaking Batman. The music that starts when Selina starts takng Batman to Bane's hideout is amazing. Then the actual fight with absolutely no music and the punches being the only sound was just perfect. Obviously another big moment in the film was when Bane rips Batman's broken cowl off Bruce's head and then casually tossing it away.

6) The sequence starting with Bruce doing situps in prison and then ending with him successfully climbing out of the prison. Other than the ending, this extended sequence was the most dramatic moment of the film for me. During this prolonged sequence, we see Bruce failing to climb out (for the 2nd time), and then he eventually figures out how to escape (with the doctor's help). There are several dialogue exchanges between the prison doctor and Bruce which I found very enlightening:

Friend in prison: sees Bruce doing situps; "He (the doctor) says that the journey to freedom is not about strength..."
Bruce: "My body makes the jump." (while continuing to do situps).
Doctor: "Survival is the spirit.....the soul."
Bruce: stops his situps, "My soul is ready to escape as my body."
Doctor: "Fear is why you fail."
Bruce: "No, I'm not afraid.....I'm angry."

Bruce then tries for the 2nd time to escape, and fails badly. We then see him lying in bed, after dreaming about his father picking him up from the well he fell into as a kid and asking him "Bruce, why do we fall?"

We then see Bruce lying down and talking with the Doctor again.

Doctor: "You do not fear death. You thinks this makes you strong. It makes you weak."
Bruce: "Why?"
Doctor: "How can you move faster than possible?.....fight longer than possible?......without the most powerful impulse of the spirit.....the fear of death......"
Bruce: "I do fear death. I fear dying in here, while my city burns...and there's no one there to save it."
Doctor: "Then make the climb."
Bruce: laughs...."How?"
Doctor: "As the child did.......without the rope. Then fear will find you again."

This last exchange between the Doctor and Bruce summarizes how Bruce "rises" in this film.....such a dramatic moment for me. Then the awesome dramatic music starts again and we see Bruce slowly and successfully climbing out of the prison.

7) The entire last hour or so when Bruce returns to Gotham, starting with his meeting with Selina after she saves the kid from being beat up, until the closing credits. I found the build-up to the climax of the film to be top notch, and of course the sequence near the end starting with Batman towing the nuclear bomb away from the city to the second last scene with Alfred seeing Bruce and Selina in Italy was absolutely epic for me. The emotional ride from thinking Bruce was dead to the slow realization that he may be alive and then seeing Bruce sitting there was such a moving sequence for me. Gets me every time. Alfred sobbing and apologizing to Bruce's parents is another emotional highlight too.

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