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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Its part of the Avengers franchise so it gets alot of hype as well. I dont think it really matters if people havnt read the comic or heard about it before. Spidey and GOTG are bout the same on that poll. And I assume most have not read GOTG as much as Spider-Man. I think some of the hype has died for the Hobbit and Spidey films since the last ones were released. Ive also seen quite a few non comic films score high in polls here. Prometheus for example was hyped pretty strong.

The fact that Singer is back, some of the original cast are returning and they are basing this off one of the best X Stories with Sentinels and epic goodness are hyping the flick up pretty solid. Overall theres alot to be stoked for this time around and I think that does have alot to do with how this flick will perform next year and have audiences interested. X Men beating Spidey by that much on a poll here did surprise me.
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