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Default Re: Mark Millar bashes Amazon and Starbucks but FOX is Okay?

Originally Posted by Supermouse View Post
Did Mark Millar run over your dog or something?

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, is that right? Most people have jobs, and most of those jobs are with companies, and all companies exist to make money and this often results in unfair business practices. What Mr. Millar points out is better filed under 'Obvious' rather than 'Hypocritical'.
LMAO!! I know who he's talking to but at this point, continuing to point out that Mark Millar is full of, hmmm, Crap is commensurate to beating a dead horse.

The thought of Fox having the license to screw Marvel without the common courtesy of a reach around can make one lose their marbles at times to that horror.

I suggest a spa day for you Prime.. LOL!!!

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