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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
I rewatched the Avengers again over Christmas with small children around. I think the problem with the movie is not that it's a popcorn flick but that it's not enough of one. When you watch with young children, you realise just how talky it is and there are actually long periods where there isn't any action. It sometimes seems to build towards action and is about to erupt but then it drags out even longer. Even the early part of the movie before the Hulk/Thor fight is a little light on the action. The scenes with Cap/Iron Man vs Loki and Iron Man vs Thor are a bit short and over quickly.

Now compare that with some of Steven Spielberg's film making. It's not pure spectacle and the moments of downtime are still good. However, once it gets to the action, it's exciting and prolonged enough that there's moment after moment of edge-of-the-seat thrills. He even showed that in the Tintin movie recently.

With Avengers, only really the end battle truly qualifies as spectacle and gets into the realm of a "popcorn" movie. Even the SHIELD helicarrier sequence is slightly lacking. As for nearly all other comicbook movies (including the Fox ones such as Fantastic Four), those action sequences are really leaving something to be desired. I'd say some of the sequences in Spider-Man 2 (eg the train fight) was on the money, but even that movie dragged in places and seemed a little too sombre and introspective at times.

So yeah, I have yet to watch a truly popcorn comic book movie. I'm still waiting for one.
I'm sure director/producers like Micheal Bay would love to here you say this. But many do not.

Let's be real here. Children have the attention span of fruit flies when all together in one room. So it's not really fair to hold an action movies ranking to a bunch of 8 year old's. This is how Hollywood in general interprets your comments. It's the reason why Resident Evil is "5" films in with no intent on ever stopping.

It's because of this that Bay welcomes scripts that circle around sex and toilet humor instead of a compelling story to complement his "Splosions".

You can argue the the villains in this flick were on the weak side but I the dialog in this film sets it apart from dumb popcorn movies like Bay's.

And the fact that Avengers out sold Bays latest film and had stronger reviews only reassures the future of "quality" action films.

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