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Default Re: Abombmination early concept

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Toys and merchandise. They want movie concepts to have solid distinctions between comic looks because if it looks too similar their logic is they won't have a distinct toy or image to sell.

Also what's cheapest to animate/render on screen. That first face is pretty detailed, whereas with the final version you can probably cut a lot more corners animating it.
I guess their mindset is if you have an Abobminition already and then the movie Abombmination looks the same then people will say Oh why would I but one if I already have one.However if it's different then they see an Abombmination they don't have.
However there still has to be a better way because this is a double edge sword because you gain some buyers but lose others because alot of diehard fans won't buy it because they hate the look like me.
However had they done the one in the last Picture with some pointy ears.I probably would have bought one.

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