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Default Re: Mark Millar bashes Amazon and Starbucks but FOX is Okay?

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
You can't really pronounce a horse "dead" if it's telling you who's coffee you should drink.

The time you took to read this was all the time I spent to write it, so a "Spa day" really isn't necessary. Life is good. All I need is my Grande Mocha Frap while I sit back and type this on my Kindle HD.

Here's a thought though.... How quick would Millar be to denounce Amazon if his books became instant best sellers via Kindles E-reader?
But it is a dead horse let me explain. Mark Millar has proven himself over and over to be a Pompous, self-indulged, hypercritical, greasy salesman on every tweet from him about anything. If it doesn't serve his interests then its whatever. He's a perfect match for Fox and their business values.

I don't even like to give him attention as I feel Mark Millar gets too much attention as it is.

Thats all I was saying.

And if you don't need a spa day, "shhee" I'll take the soothing massage whirlpool heat bath and a fruit smoothie.. You don't know what your missing LOL!!!! All Good My man

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