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Default Re: Official (adjectiveless) X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Generation Lee View Post
Seriously I'm having Kitty and Rogue overkill. Storm and Betsy are supposed to be on the fringes in X Force. Although Jubilee isn't much liked at times at least until recently she was underused, Rachel is just back from space but Jean has come back so see no point in her. How many other X Women out there who are in no other comics could have been used??
a bunch.

If they de-vampire Jubillee and give her her powers back (with slight amplification) then she's a blast...or possibly turn her into Wondra? it was worth a shot.

Would have loved to see Cecilia, Dazzler, Domino, Frenzy, Lifeguard, Marrow, Polaris, Sabra, Sage and Sentinel in this book too. Throw in Blink or Lila Cheney for some teleportation goodness


White-washing the X-Men one minority at a time


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