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Default Re: Your favourite TDKR scenes that you watch over and over again...

My favorite scene is easily the ballroom masquerade, Bruce and Selina dancing and talking. Everything there is rich with perfection. I can swoon over that one for weeks.

The first fight with Bane is right up behind that. While I find it strange how amateur Batman behaves at this point in his career (probably the only thing that keeps it from outright tying with the ballroom masquerade), I still really enjoy the spectacle and the emotion of it.

When it's going down, the air is bleeding with uneasiness. It just feels like.. you know what's about to happen. Everyone in the background watching knows it too, they look so guilty. I was legitimately feeling intimidated. It was a stomach turning mixture of 'Holy sh** Bane is going to ruin him' and 'Wow, he's really clobbering the crap out of Bane', but the ultimate realization that '...My god, the clobbering isn't working, as impressive as it is'.

Edge of my seat. The whole time. Did not blink.

Most of Bane's best lines are in this fight, and Batman's appearance is captured beautifully in the dripping, dark, edgy atmosphere. They got the cape flowing around him just right throughout the punches and kicks, and especially when he's tossed over the side of the platform.

Of course there's the ferocious choreography, and the bit where Batman cuts the lights and Bane has his line about being born in the dark and grabs him anyway? Unfff. Too good.

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
TDKR has so many high highs.

Despite its faults, these high points keep me enamoured with the film
This sums up my point of view as well.

I also enjoy the last Bane/Batman fight. Batman overcoming Bane is so glorious. Who knew that punches to the face can feel so uplifting.
What I loved about that fight was the way each of their blows felt like they could knock a train off it's tracks. Especially when Bane loses his cool. Wow.

What I didn't like was the lack of the involvement of a philosophical battle, or at least a scolding, throughout. We got this in the final battles with Ra's and Joker, but not with Bane. We also have it in the first battle with Bane, with Bane beating down Bruce both physically and mentally, so it was sad not to see that come full circle.

Another disappointment was the painfully generic one-liner Batman throws out to initiate the battle. It would've been a more potent emotion through the battle if they had just left it hanging with, 'So you came back to die with your city...'

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