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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

Im glad Caps helmet in Avengers wasnt stupid or distracting to some people, but for me it was hard to ignore. I honestly think having his ears exposed through the sides of the helmet would have made it look better to me. It just looks so bulbous when worn with the skintight cloth uniform he wore in Avengers. I guess the proportions felt off to me. Its the same problem i had with Batmans helmet in TDK. A big head or helmet can make the rest of your body look scrawnier than it accually is.

Just look at Batman in the begining of TDK. When foiling Cranes drug deal, talking to Gordon in the bank vault, and talking to Dent on the roof right before he leaves for China to get Lao Bats looks buff and muscular. Then he changes outfits and to me he looks much scrawnier, like when hes collecting evidence and ballistics at the murder scene of 2 police officers. I remember thinking during that scene, "Wow, he looks soooo much smaller than in the begining of the film.

I think its very similar to Caps situation. The more bulky outfit from the first film makes himlook buff and muscular, the new skintight outfit with bulbous helmet makes him look scrawnier and less buff. I will likely just have to get over it if they dont change it, like i did for Bats. But it wont be easy for me...

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