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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

oh, sorry, my very first reaction was that I thought you were being sarcastic, hehe, so that's why I asked, lol

X2 was on 2003, and this Days of future past is Fox very first Event movie (with Marvel comics) reuniting FC cast with part of the original cast, and the hype is there, with all the rumours and interviews of original actors being posted everywhere, so the potential of this sequel on the worldwide boxoffice feels bigger than X2 back in the day.

Fc made more than 200 millions internationally, so if the trailers of this movie are really epic and the movie ends being really great, we should be sure that at least internationally this could reach the 300 million mark. domestically is another story, it can easily reach 200m, it could reach even more, but we'll find that out next year.

one thing is for sure, Fox will promote this sequel like CRAZY next year, lol, specially having Hugh and other original x-men back, and with Jennifer Lawrence now on board too, with all the nominations and Oscar buzz she's getting, more Michael badass Fassbender.

This is an event movie, dont forget this guys. The marketing will be pretty fine

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