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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Sorry guys im on my phone. I just thought they returned to finish what the league started. When bane said about the borrowed time they have been living on, that it was about gotham should have been destroyed in bb but batman stopped them. So this time we take out the batman and we will complete our mission but we also punnish him for going against league. Plus the league also thought that if bruce defeated them with their own training and his weapons then this time we use his weapons and our training to destroy gotham. But they also think that if they take his money away and everything else that it will be the icing on the cake and they will win. Wrong. Its his will to act that they dont have. They needed to kill bruce to destroy gotham. This is how the police defeat the league/mercs and blackgate inmates because of thier will to act. As ra's said in bb ''the training is nothing the will is everything''. Robin has that same will to act as bruce has. The will to do whatever is best for gotham. But not all the cops have that same will as him/bruce. Like the cop who blows the bridge. All it takes is one to stuff it up. Like the one who gave the order to the cop. Thats why he cant work within the law. Being a Batman is the right path for him. He only has to listen to himself and not some boss who doesnt really care for gotham like he does. It didnt matter about the dent act or the clean streets or that batman & gordon lied. It was a natural way for them to return.

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