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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

You know what I would do? I'm surprised I didn't think of this before.

As an extension of the idea to use Scarecrow more (which he deserved) to mirror Knightfall where Batman has to take down Arkham inmates that Bane freed, I would have loved to see Batman have a crazy fear-toxin hallucination of Bane.

Like instead of being handed Batman on a silver platter, I favor the idea of Bane just being at the Batcave, alone, when Bruce returns exhausted. He's worked things out, his prey is vulnerable. He's clever.

Maybe Bruce is still buzzing from a burst of fear toxin, so the shock of seeing this hulking figure waiting for him where he thought he was safe exaggerates Bane in some terrifying manner.

Then we could have the moment of '..He knows who I am... I'm not even safe in my own home..' in Bruce's face that we didn't get to see in the film.

That was part of what made Bane so great in the books. Ingenuity, the fear he could inflict on Bruce without lifting a finger. And yet, if he did lift his finger...

(Edit) Found this just now:

Why do we fall?

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