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Default Re: Luke Cage & Iron Fist - HEROES FOR HIRE movie thread

Jeph Loeb's quote was in reference to using them in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney, though.

Keep in mind this project [Ultimate Spider-Man] started almost three years ago and at the time we were looking forward to who might be the next big characters, the next big franchises. Just like we just announced Guardians of the Galaxy, we are certainly looking at the Heroes for Hire franchise which is Luke Cage and Iron Fist and Nova is very important to us; he happens to have a new comic book series starting in February which is oddly enough written by me. And White Tiger is, again, a character we just saw real possibility with. And of course each character had to have a unique voice and have their power sets to complement each other. The costumes need to be distinct enough from each other so you recognize them even in motion. We wanted a superteam that kids and families could look at and look up to, relate to.
But I like the fact that he said that they're "certainly looking" at Heroes for Hire, and that Nova is "very important" to them. With any luck, they might qualify for movies or TV soon.


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