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Default Re: Batman Beyond or Dark Knight Returns?

Not only do I prefer the dimmer yet energetic vibe of Beyond, but Returns portrays an egotistical, brutish Batman, while Beyond's is wisely reserved and more themed around loneliness, subtlety, and intellect.

The whole arrogant self-entitlement turf war bull**** is dumb to me, and childish of someone as mature and experienced as Batman - especially at the tail-end of his career. I feel TDKR's Batman has a petty point of view for the most part, barring his bravery to stand up to corruption that even Superman wouldn't, while Beyond's is honorable and a bit sad.

This was also my problem with Rises, but at least it was temporary in Rises (just one scene, to memory), and there's enough of the other approach (every interaction with Selina) to make me happy.

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