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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
There is a big difference between a secret cameo and someone who will have a main role in the film though.

CLJ may be contracted for 3 films, but that doesn't mean he HAS to be in all of them. Which is what worries me. If he decides to line himself up for a different film that begins shooting in April, what then? Regardless of whether the script is still being worked on, they should know enough already whether or not Banshee is returning. And if he isn't, there needs to be a bloody fantastic reason why not. Same goes for Lucas Till.
The contracts for first Class actos signed back In 2010 takes precent over other projects.Your convently forgetting that Ctaching fire had to quickly go Into production so Jennifer Lawrence could be In DOFP.

The actors have most likely be told to say nothing untill eather Bryan or studio says they are In film.If you think Jennifer,James Mcavoy,Michael fassbender,and Nicholas Hoult are only returnees from First Class you are mistaken

Marvel still hasn't cast the love Intrest or other villian for captain America,Sally field and actor who played flash thompson are unconfirmed for the Amazing Spider-Man 2.Noone's been cast for GOTG yet.From past they will announce casting when they are ready.

We may only get some real news on DOFT when Bryan has to do Interviews promating Jack The Giant Slayer.He may make some twiter announcements before then but that's when you will get some serious quotes from him on film.

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